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Got questions? No problem! See our most frequently asked questions below, they are bound to help!



How long does it take to complete the program?

It’s designed to be a 6-week program, and is designed to do again and again. The first time you go through you should do it exactly as outlined, with the pace as outlined, in order to get the best results. Then, once you graduate into the world of “Reformed Hot Mess”, you can revisit the program as many times as you’d like, jumping around to the areas that you need to refresh and review, and doing it at your own pace. Each time you go through the program you will focus on tackling different “pain points” in your life; areas that really aren’t very productive nor fulfilling, and tackle them, master them, and refine them until they are no longer pain points.

How is this one different from other productivity programs?

This program is designed to help you become more productive. But not in the sense of simply doing MORE or adding MORE to your plate. Quite the opposite, actually. We will break down how you are currently spending your time, organize it better, cut out unnecessary tasks, help you tackle necessary priorities more efficiently and effectively, in order to help you go to bed feeling more fulfilled and content at night. We cover everything from organization and time management, to motivation and energy, and everything in-between.

I’ve read your blog for years. Is the content different than what I can already find online?

Yes! Jordan’s blog is filled with loads of free tips and advice, mostly about finances. Jordan has never really shared productivity tips on the blog. 98% of the content is new, never heard before!

What if I don’t live in the US?

No problem! As long as you have internet access, PBC can be accessed anywhere in the world.


What materials or tools do I need to use the Productivity Boot Camp program?

All you need is internet access and a screen! You can access your video dashboard on any computer, mobile, or tablet device. You will also need to have your Productivity Planner while watching to take notes and work on your the material.

Can I watch Productivity Boot Camp videos on my phone or tablet?

You sure can! All you need is internet access. Woo hoo!

Do I download the videos in order to watch them?

Downloading is not required (nor available) for PBC. The videos are simply streamed from the web, so all you need is internet access to watch them.

How long will I have access to the program and videos?

You have unlimited access to the program for an entire year (which means you could go through the program 8.5 times at least! You’d basically have it memorized by then!). Once your year is up you can choose to renew for just $10, which gives you an entire new year of access. Why do we do this? Easy. To make it work better for YOU. We have found an increasing trend where Boot Campers spend good money on my program, but then never complete it, or maybe never even start it at all. When it comes to productivity, it’s all about PACE. We are putting a deadline in for you, to (lovingly!) force you, in a way, to keep pushing forward so it’s not a waste of your time or money. They program simply won’t work (not well, at least) if you lose steam halfway through, or you watch a few videos here or there. This will *hopefully* help you push through and get the job done and still have plenty of time to do it again and again!


Can I share the Productivity Boot Camp videos with my friends or family, since I paid for them?

This program is an individual based program. If we find someone sharing their program with another person their program will immediately be terminated and no refund will be given. BUT…more good news…remember that you can refer your friends and get paid! So tell them how much you love PBC, and you will get paid when they sign up. Get details on our Refer-A-Friend program for more info.

I heard I can get paid to refer my friends to Productivity Boot Camp, how does that work?

You better believe it! We LOVE referrals and are happy to reward you handsomely for it! If you are an active PBC user (for at least 30 days), we will pay you $25 for everyone you refer, that signs up for PBC*. That can add up quick, especially since there is no limit to the amount of people you can refer! Get details on our Refer-A-Friend page.

Isn’t paying people to refer Productivity Boot Camp bribery or cheating?

No way, José! There are millions of companies who do the same thing; simply compensate or reward you for spreading the word about BBC. We value word-of-mouth so much, we are more than happy to reward you for doing so. Again, check out our Refer-A-Friend page for details on how it all works.


What happens if I’m unhappy with the product?

Have no fear! We have a solid money-back guarantee. Read about it HERE.


I need help! Who can I talk to?

We are here to help! If you have paid for Productivity Boot Camp the best support will come on our private group Facebook page. We are standing by and personally answer any questions or concerns that come up within the group. Otherwise, please read and re-read the FAQ’s above.

Further questions or concerns?

Send us a message on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


*Referee must have purchased the program an no later than 10% off.